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View Diary: The Emerging Story Behind the Wiretaps UPDATED (169 comments)

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  •  au contraire... (none)
    group minds are the easiest to manipulate, by chance did you even view the pdf?
     It bears repeating that this administration -- more than any other in recent times -- has employed deception and innuendo to mold public opinion and advance its political agenda. Indeed, the very scandal now enveloping the White House -- the apparent conspiracy to punish whistle-blower Joseph Wilson by revealing the covert CIA identity of his wife, Valerie Plame -- is rooted in the President's drive to mobilize support for the invasion of Iraq by willfully distorting Iraqi weapons capabilities and spy on America.

    `My adage is that in a world of insecurity, security trumps privacy, and we are seeing it.'

     -Scott Greiper,
    now, ask yourself who is this Scott Greiper

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