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View Diary: The Emerging Story Behind the Wiretaps UPDATED (169 comments)

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  •  While this may be true (4.00)
    it presumes two things:

    that Bush actually cares about protecting America against terrorists, or amwerican lives in danger and two and that they would do something to stop it.

    Now one word: Katrina.

    Katrina proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that these people do not care one whit about the lives of innocent Americans. What thwey do care about however is power.

    Unrestrained, unending perpetual power.

    Who are their political enemies?
    Who's lives do they care most about saving?

    Their political enemies are the targets of their little secret operation. They lives they are hell bent on saving are their own.

    Anyone else they tap into without oversight is just for the fucking fun of it.

    I've never felt so sure of anything in my life. These people have proved their incompetency in all things except one: politics.

    •  A subtext (none)
      I haven't seen it put that way....of course many people must get that on some level.  Katrina did show that this government doesn't care about Americans, so why bother to protect us.  It's about perpetuation of power.
    •  Too simple (none)
      They care about SOME Americans - those that will vote for them.  Poor African Americans in metropolitan New Orleans aren't exactly the Republican "base".

      Hence we get to watch this doofus play guitar while people are looting for drinkable water and dodging gunfire.

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