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View Diary: Madsen expose on NSA: Cheney in trouble too? (Updated) (19 comments)

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  •  Flight 93 shootdown (none)
    It has just occured to me that whether or not the report is true that the NSA has intercepts proving that Flight 93 was shot down, the evident fact that NSAers told Masden (or his source) that the Agency does ought to show that these disgruntled staffers were aiming to hurt Cheney.

    It was Cheney who initially claimed, falsely it seems, that he'd gotten the word from Bush to shoot down any hostile airliners on Sept. 11. The story reported by Madsen, thus, was intended to put Cheney on the spot.

    Which underlines my central point, that Cheney perhaps was very closely tied to the perversions of the NSA mission and culture. Rumsfeld could have been a secondary target for disgruntled NSA staffers, but my inference from Masden's report is that they identified Cheney as the primary culprit.

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