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View Diary: "Evolution Teaches Nothing But Lies," And Other Dover Facts (303 comments)

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  •  What do other people do for fun? (4.00)
    This is absolutely hilarious - the web blog of an ID jackass
    William Dembski. He won't now comment on Judge Jones' decision, but instead refers to a statment made months ago, where he gives the likelihood of an ID defeat less than 10%  probability.

    The comments to that blog entry are just priceless.
    One jackass predicting victory writes:

    "Judge John E. a good old boy brought up through the conservative ranks. He was state attorney for D.A.R.E, an Assistant Scout Master with extensively involved with local and national Boy Scouts of America, political buddy of Governor Tom Ridge (who in turn is deep in George W. Bush's circle of power), and finally was appointed by GW hisself. Senator Rick Santorum is a Pennsylvanian in the same circles (author of the "Santorum Language" that encourages schools to teach the controversy) and last but far from least, George W. Bush hisself drove a stake in the ground saying teach the controversy. Unless Judge Jones wants to cut his career off at the knees he isn't going to rule against the wishes of his political allies. Of course the ACLU will appeal. This won't be over until it gets to the Supreme Court. But now we own that too."


    "Doing the world a favor since 1963."

    by Petruk on Tue Dec 20, 2005 at 08:50:13 PM PST

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