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    that was funny, but still ignorant. I am sick of all my liberal friends grouping Texas as one big blob of evil. Sure, they're a bit partisanly-challenged (to use a PC term), having not elected anyone cool since Ann Richards in 1990, but Texas is more than just a big bunch of red.

    There are many different cultures within Texas. East Texas (Tyler, Beaumont, Houston, Marshall, etc.) is absolutely nothing like West Texas (Midland, San Angelo, Amarillo, etc; this is where the president is from). While West Texas is Wyoming-style cowboy country, East Texas is almost like the Deep South culturally. And South Texas, being predominantly Hispanic, is of course a whole 'nother bag, being more like Mexico than anything you will find in America. And of course Austin is like Santa Fe, or San Francisco - a hip liberal city.

    We have the same thing in California. Not all of California is liberal coastal cities. We have the hippie, codependent lefties in the Bay Area and the North Coast, the Hollywood progressives in L.A., the moderate small-town voters in the Central Coast, and the unpredictable centrists of the San Diego area. And those are just the coastal areas! Don't forget the fundies in the Central Valley, the blue-collar conservatives in the Desert, and the far-right libertarian Cheney types in the Sierra.

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