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  •  This whole wiretap mess. (4.00)
    My apologies if this has been asked before, I've been reading these diaries and haven't seen this asked yet...

    If the people being wiretapped (and apparently it has been quite a few) have such clear and concrete ties to Al-Qaeda and terrorist networks... why the fuck are they not in jail?  Is the administration actually allowing known Al-Qaeda sympathizers and operatives to run free in this country?

    •  Exactly. (none)
      If this spying is as valuable a program as Bush says it is, such that he is determined to keep it no matter what anyone says, then presumably some terrorists have been caught these several years.

      If terrorists have been caught, where are they?

      And if no terrorists have been caught, why does Bush keep saying illegally spying on Americans is a good program and he's going to continue doing it?

      They are in a Catch-22 situation.  I worry what they might feel it necessary to do, to get out of it.

    •  Oh President Bush, who does everything RIGHT..... (none)
      Oh President Bush, who does everything RIGHT, what is LEFT is now truth.

      I wonder what kind of art and culture the President does like? What books he reads to inspire him? Anything about him that can make him more human. He is like a secret's secret growing stronger that will never open to wilt, within his own manmade grave of friends.

      At times, I feel sorry for this lonely man, until I remember what he is doing to US, then my free speech will do battle with His Patriots Acts and domestic spying. I wonder who is on his list of black balled Americans? It Congress had any BALLS, they would ask what Americans were spied upon and why. Could some politicians, poets, thinkers and left wingers be censored from having their free speech rights, intimidated like a Plame, as if an Deep Throat blown cover. Lord, can one pray that the religion of truth will have a revival. Oh President Bush, who does everything RIGHT, what is LEFT is now truth.

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