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  •  lordmarcus... (none)
    and the rest of the people who "don't see a difference." Clinton/Carter acted PURSUANT to FISA.  This means they merely reiterated what FISA already allowed: namely, warrantless searches against foreign officials under very strict restrictions and a system of checks & balance.

    Bush's order is CONTRARY to FISA. He did not invoke FISA, as Clinton and Carter did. He invoked some nebulous-ass "inherent authority" crap and the Sept. 14, 2001 resolution. Both excuses have been thoroughly debunked on this site.

    So, your turn. Respond with your best factual argument.

    •  BTW (none)
      Thank you for doin what ever it was you did to the thread, it was getting to thin to make much sense of of keep track of. :)

      I also want to reinterate to you the genuineness of the questions I am asking. Alot of folks have screamed 'Troll!' since I got the confidence to post here. I've seen how alot of contrary views have been treated by others that post here. But I have taken a different approach in being very forthright in what I'm asking and why. I hope everyone understands this (though not all will) and has the tolerance for it.  :)

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