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View Diary: Debunking the Carter/Clinton Myth (189 comments)

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  •  I've looked through some of your (none)
    earlier comments and am having some trouble believing that you are arguing in good faith.

    Come on guys, seriously (1.50 / 2)

    I visit here once or twice a day to get a feel of what left wing America is thinking. I take it all with a grain of salt, as you can imagine :)

    As I said above, you are being deliberately obtuse in order to (1) disrupt this thread; and (2) obfuscate the issue and hence defend the clearly illegal activities of the Bush administration.  Your questions have been answered numerous times, yet you continue to repeat the same erroneous, nonfactual interpretation of these events.  The word "troll" comes to mind.

    •  If you will look (none)
      Further you will see where, instead of attacking me and accusing me of being a troll, guyute actually bothered to explain what I missed. Which is what I had asked for in the first place.

      You'll also see that not far down, from the post you mentioned, the author of the diary agreed with what I had said in that post.

      So, I'm not sure your definition holds. At least as I know the definition. I am here to ask legitimate questions about legitimate issues. I'm not going to agree with you guys very often. Is that a requirement to post here? I would hope not. I emailed Kos just a bit ago to ask him if I were violating the rules of his website. I am happy to abide by his rules. What I hope, though, is that more than a few people here are willing to listen to me and answer my questions, when I have them and take them for what they are. Legitimate questions to positions I may not agree with all the time

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