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View Diary: IMPEACH: Guerrilla Marketing Goes Live (with kinda cool update!) (122 comments)

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    You may be the last one reading this thread, so please enjoy this "exclusive" photo release from my last trip to the supermarket!

    This used to be my least favorite brand of apple juice...

    •  last one reading the thread (none)
      actually i think i'm the last one here.

      i was going to tell y'all that i hit ikea, but maybe i'll wait til tomorrow.  i think some of those big magnet stores are a good place to hit, because people come from all over the area to see them, so you get people from a larger area than just your one town.  

      anyway, more tomorrow.  (no pix today though, sorry.)

      i'll just turn the lights out when i leave, shall i?

      we'd better decide now if we are going to be fearless men or scared boys.
      — e.d. nixon, montgomery improvement association

      by zeke L on Wed Dec 21, 2005 at 06:35:16 PM PST

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