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View Diary: Recount Finished in Virginia - UPDATED (17 comments)

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  •  Creigh Deeds for Senate (4.00)
    That this guy came from so far behind in the polls to almost win should say something.  He'd also probably make a better Senator than James Webb.
    •  I think so; (none)
      he has a ton of name recognition from the race/recount. He also would be a great candidate due to his record, the fact that he is moderate (an important distinction for Virginia), and he has friends in high places as a result of the race.


      Corporate Media - trading skepticism for access... (-6.00,-6.67)

      by Dems2004 on Wed Dec 21, 2005 at 05:30:42 PM PST

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      •  There is Honor is a Race Well-Run (none)
        But there is no honor in a shameful race to concede before all the votes are counted.

        My thanks to Mr. Deeds.


        "There is a time for compromise, and it is called 'Later'!"

        by LeftyLimblog on Wed Dec 21, 2005 at 08:04:48 PM PST

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