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View Diary: Bush in deal with Iraqi insurgents, a major policy shift? (37 comments)

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  •  Read that story by Porter (4.00)
    Read that story a few days ago and then saw the release of prisoners before/after the election and thought Hmmm, I too see a pattern.

    Beginning with Murtha's dramatic call for a change in plans (obviously sanctioned by higher ups in the military), there has been a steady stream of evidence that a change in policy is a foot, and is being driven by the military folks (for a change) and not the Cheney "cabal". I even wonder if that is why Cheney made the sudden trip to Iraq (fight back?).

    For what it is worth. IT IS ABOUT TIME. The strategy in Porter's piece is a good one, just about a couple of years too late. Unfortunately it is a delicate strategy, requiring finesse, not brute force (that's why Baby Bush wouldn't use it). But it now seems like the military is standing up to the politicos or starting to go out on their own or the politicos have finally given up and in desperation are asking for some new ideas. Anyway finally a positive development on the path to getting out of the mess that BB started.

    Just because you can doesn't mean you should!

    by taonow on Thu Dec 22, 2005 at 03:58:55 AM PST

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