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  •  As we got closer (none)
    to the next election. These conversations need to be made.  There were mistakes made and they need to be addressed.  

    This is one group of consultants that do not need to show up again on a compaign.

    Every candidate had a site that took donations.  Trippi didn't invent it.  It was Dean that raised the money, the consultants just patted him on the back and took the money.

    The action on the blog showed that a campaign can be self sustaining if the candidate is accepted by the Democratic base.  

    BTW: I first saw Dean on TV at the debate and I joined the campaign because of his message...not through some clever consultant invented advertisement or spin.

    American Engineer :== loser!

    by jnmorgan on Thu Dec 22, 2005 at 12:33:09 PM PST

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