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  •  Sorry, I looked and looked, but... (none)
    couldn't find the spots (though plenty of references to them: according to this article in US News, the ad was symbolic of many things wrong with the campaign at this point.  (Click here for the ad)

    In Dean's last TV ad in Iowa before the caucuses, the much-criticized "White Background" ad, Dean faced the camera and said: "This election is about power. About who runs the country and who owns it." Steve McMahon, who made the ad, said he had been handed the script by Trippi and to this day has no idea who wrote it. Trippi said, "Everyone agrees the last spot could have been better." The ad may have been a mistake--Tom Harkin loathed it, feeling the stark background made Dean look isolated and that the message of empowerment was no longer working. "It was not like we were just sitting back and saying things are going swell," Glantz said. "I had been on the plane about a week when I said to Joe, 'Something is wrong. Something is very wrong in Iowa.'" She could sense it from the crowds, which were smaller and less enthusiastic than Dean crowds in other states.

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