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  •  Aoooooooow... (4.00)
    it's too late.  I'm tired of my inner Faulkner, time for my inner Hemingway.

    The woman scratched the dog's ears.  In the distance he could see the smoke from the train.  The coffee was still too hot.  He would have to speak.

    "Train coming."


    The dog grinned.  The woman scratched.  The dog's tail wagged.

    "It will be here soon."


    Suddenly the dog got up, scratched it's neck vigorously, then laid down and rolled on it's back.  The woman leaned over to rub it's tummy.  He stared off into the distant mountains.

    The dog's left hind leg twitched.  With a loud noise the train came into the station and ground to a halt.  The dog didn't care until the woman stood up abruptly.



    He turned away and whistled for his dog.  As they left the station it growled at the English Major.  When he told me this story he said-

    "Do you want fries with that?"

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