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  •  The author of the Wash Monthly piece ... (none)
    ... came from the Dartmouth Review? Boy howdy, that does put a different spin on the knuckleball, doesn't it?

    And Kos, when I wrote about "seduction" yesterday and today, don't take it as a slam. I spent five years in D.C. and I'm trying to point out the pitfalls. As a city, Washington's charm wears off in two years, maybe three. As a community, its charm wears off in, oh, about two microseconds, maybe three.

    Given that this is Christmas time, I guess I can mention another movie, It's A Wonderful Life. There aren't too many George Baileys around these days, Kos. Those people in Washington will be looking for ways to tempt you a la Mr. Potter's fabulous job offer. Don't let it happen. Do your job here, and your friends will take care of you.

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