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  •  Schiavo. (none)
    They are now trotting out legal arguments similar to the ones presented during the Schiavo fiasco.

    This is pure desperation.

    These arguments will fly with maybe 20-25% of the population, maybe less.

    Most Americans are to disconnected from politics to get into this stuff, as we have all repeatedly seen. Most Americans do not know who represents them, what the role of the Senate is, what the 4th Amendment states, what the role of the NSA is... et cetera.

    These arguments are a bit difficult to grasp, I get a headache every time I go over it. To an extent, that is the strategy here. They will say, "Don't get too upset about this America, it's complicated, it's a lot of boring legal mumbo jumbo and procedural vagary. Nothing to see here.".

    But it won't work. In fact, it is because Americans are intellectually lazy that it won't work. Americans aren't going to consider their tortured legal arguments, they already know all they need to know...

    Illegal. Wiretaps. Government. Surveillance. NSA. War Powers. Unlimited. Power.

    Americans will never sit still for this.

    Average Joe doesn't know what Habeas Corpus means, but he knows goddamn well what "search without a warrant" means.

    Bush is finished.

    "I am not a crook" - The Honorable Richard M. Nixon

    by tricky dick on Fri Dec 23, 2005 at 12:51:04 PM PST

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