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View Diary: Warrantless Searches of Muslim Sites, Whistleblowers Threatened With Firing (203 comments)

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  •  this is a tough one (none)
    I certainly think 'scanning' a house for heat of a pot farm is not okay, but scanning a building for radiation?  I just don't know.  I really wish they had worked out some way to get some court to agree to the idea of radiation monitoring.

    There are plenty of ways a building might generate heat besides growing pot, but I doubt radiation is anywhere as common as heat, at least at the levels to raise eyebrows.

    And consider this aspect:  if somehow you're generating some level of radiation that raises eyebrows, is that safe for neighbors, people driving by, dog-walkers, etc?  Don't they have a right to not be unknowingly radiated?

    This administration has caused a problem by their refusal to disemminate information about their surveilence methods.

    I thinking the bigger issue in the radiation monitoring is probably the 'religious profiling' aspect.  Not all Muslims are terrorists, and not all terrorists are Muslim.

    •  This is not about radiation. (none)
      They don't care about radiation.  They care about adding to the fear quotient in you and all of us.
    •  You might be reading this (none)
      the way I was at first.  I understood this to suggest that they were just monitoring a property from outside, but the article doesn't seem to make that clear, and I think that's why people are worked up (rightfully).  The feds may have actually entered homes and businesses without a warrant.  I think referencing the SC case about infra-red scanning, gives one the impression that it is the same kind of remote sensing.

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