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View Diary: Warrantless Searches of Muslim Sites, Whistleblowers Threatened With Firing (203 comments)

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  •  I Completely Agree (none)
    Zionist collaboration with Nazi's to sell out six million European Jews to die in concentration camps.  Ben-Gurion just assumed to see 'half the children in Europe parish' in Europe if it benefited the creation of Israel.  Zionism is evil and it really is no different that Nazism....a religion based on securing the Homeland and Fatherland, respectively.

    I recommend you read the book "Perfidy" by Ben Hecht...this details Israel's coming to terms with the Zionist greasing wheels for the Holocaust.

    So I agree with you...Zionism is hideous.

    •  Whoa...wait a minute (none)
      Don't go putting words in my mouth like that. I doubt I agree with you on much of anything.

      At least I hope not to agree with anyone dumb ennough to equate Zionism and Nazism.

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