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View Diary: Warrantless Searches of Muslim Sites, Whistleblowers Threatened With Firing (203 comments)

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  •  Include WMD restrictions in civil building codes (none)
    On the one hand, no, the FBI shouldn't be going into people's houses looking for nukes, or using nuke searches as a pretext for breaking and entering people who, say, have inconvenient views about the future of the Palestinians.

    On the other hand, yes, I do have a right to be nuked. Political activists and crazy people should not be building WMD next to my apartment.

    Solution: Include restrictions of WMD in the building code of every city. I understand from the reality check post that accurate, practical neutron detectors might not exist, but, if any other good, nondestructive WMD detection devices or strategies exist, build them into the routine inspection process. Have inspectors use whatever noninvasive tests are available to inspect for signs of WMD in every building inspected, or in a random sampling of buildings inspected, each year. Allow targeted WMD inspections only if targeting is done based on criteria other than ethnic, religious or peaceful political ground. Maybe, for example, inspectors could inspect all homes within 1 kilometer radius of a prime WMD suspect of evidence for WMD production.

    Sure, this setup would be a little bit creepy, but we already let fire inspectors into offices to tell us to get paper rubbish off the floors and into apartments to tell landlords to buy better smoke detectors. If there is any effective WMD detection equipment or strategy available, why not find some way to incorporate that into the regular building inspection program?

    Of course, the reason the Bush administration hasn't done that is because it wants to strengthen and maintain its growing totalitarian power over our lives, but the fact that the Bush Rovies will probably put me in a prison camp someday and the fact that I could possibly get nuked are separate issues. I don't want to be nuked any more than I want to end up in a prison camp in Fairbanks.

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