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View Diary: UMass Mao library book story is a hoax (140 comments)

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  •  If the feds don't watch libraries, they use Google (none)
    As someone who was visited by the Secret Service for what I thought was a rather innocuous post on a weblog, I can't even begin describe the feelings that run through you when you sit down with a pair of special agents and are forced to defend freedom of speech in the Land of the Free and the Home of Brave. What this kid has done is equivalent to pissing all over my experience. And, worse, it will lead many of the people I've told the story to over the past four years to doubt me. They'll read how this kid recanted and conclude that I too was blowing smoke out of my ass.

    We may not have to worry about inter-library loans triggering visits by the men in black. (And to be honest, after the story broke, I was wondering why I hadn't received a visit this past spring when I was working on my senior thesis on Islamic political philosophy.) But we still need to be cognizant of the fact that several government police agencies use Google. In November of 2001, I received a visit at work from two Secret Service agents and confronted over a post to a weblog that I had made in October of that same year.

    This kid has set the entire movement for liberty back. The right wing noise machine is going to go into full gear. Suspicion will be cast on every story of abuse of power by the US government. And all for what? Because some kid wanted to make himself look important in the eyes of one of his professors?

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