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View Diary: Stephanie Herseth and the Hate Amendment (423 comments)

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  •  major disappointment (none)
    I donated on her first run, but don't know if I will now. I know it's SD, but I expected a stronger stance.

    Too much hate in the world. C'mon, Ms. Herseth, step up and do right....or at least less wrong.

    •  FMA isn't going to happen... (4.00)
      It will never pass the Senate, and everyone knows it.

      Let Herseth posture. She is not the deciding vote on this issue, and if she were, well you might be surprised.

      Together let's do whatever we can to make this a great debate, but a political non-issue.

      Democrats are way too divided on this to enforce FMA as a "litmus test".

      Gun Control, Death Penalty, Flag-Burning, the Pledge of Allegiance, -- are these really our core issues?

      •  Look (none)
        her 'litmus test' isn't an ultra-liberal blog!

        Her constituents are more conservative, and so what -- that's who they are.

        We've got Bigger Fish to Fry, and I'll still support her.

        I'm staying pragmatic.

        'I came to a fork in the road, and took it.' Yogi Berra

        by PhillyFilly on Thu Feb 26, 2004 at 02:28:03 AM PST

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        •  her constitutents are here too (none)
          That's why she's advertising here for donations.  Constitutions are the folks who put an official in office, like, you know, Schwarzenegger's constituents are Washington Republicans, which is why he threw his fit over San Francisco's same-sex marriages.  Herseth's constituents are anyone she's hitting up for cash.
      •  Death Penalty (none)
        sure as hell ought to be, for people who think its "a distraction".

        "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself." -- Martin Vanbee

        by a gilas girl on Thu Feb 26, 2004 at 10:33:11 AM PST

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