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View Diary: Stephanie Herseth and the Hate Amendment (423 comments)

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  •  Tough Call (4.00)
    She needs to hear from EVERYONE who plans to support her in any way. Most of the blog supporters her little picture ad is targeting won't agree with this stance, and that needs to made clear to her campaign.

    I understand the desire to gauge your actual constituants as opposed to your potential donors, normally that would be the admirable position, but in this case it is taking the wrong side of an issue bigger than South Dakota.

    If Herseth needs some slack to straddle the fence a bit, and call for state's rights or reassert DOMA, fine, I can live with that. But she needs to clearly come out against the kind of Amendment Bush is pushing. If not, kiss her goodbye. There are better places for our money and support.

    "I'm so mad, I'm bulletproof!"

    by Mr Furious on Thu Feb 26, 2004 at 01:34:26 AM PST

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