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    The reason why I never donated to her campaign when earlier calls went out from Kos and others, is because with Herseth, like many of these Congressional candidates, I don't know where she stands on a number of issues!!!!  Although I did ask in a thread once, but did not receive an answer.  

    This issues business is goddmamn important when it comes to many people giving money to a candidate, and when I talk issues, I am not talking about the trite nonsense you find on  candidate's "Issues" section on thier website (e.g., "Education is important", "I will fight terrorists wherever they hide",  "Social Security needs to be protected", "I like kittens and puppies", etc.)

    And I am not giving my money to candidates that take positions on certain issues that are against what I beleive in.  It is also why I don't give money to the DNC, because they can then use it on Democrats who are anti-abortion or hold other positions that I find appalling.  

    You want an example of a candidate that articulates his positions - check out Doug Haines's (GA-12) website where he fields questions from visitors on policy and issues.

    There are enough other Democrats candidates who have positions that are more similar to my own that could use donations - these are the folks that get my scratch, Herseth will not be one of them.

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    by jg on Thu Feb 26, 2004 at 01:59:44 AM PST

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