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View Diary: Stephanie Herseth and the Hate Amendment (423 comments)

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  •  well, (3.60)
    do you know any progressive running is SD-AL that has a realistic chance of winning the seat? I'm all for that.

    What's that?  Oh, you don't....

    Well, what's your altenative?

    Yeah, I thought so. Thanks for your fiery input though. Very interesting.

    Put your money where your mouth is: Give $100 to the Democratic presidential nominee (whoever that may be.)

    by aleand on Thu Feb 26, 2004 at 02:27:09 AM PST

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    •  If I lived there (4.00)
      I'd vote for her. Duh. Under the logic you say.

      But now you folks have moved from the vote loyalty oath to the "shut up and empty your wallet" loyalty oath. That's bollocks. There are numerous races across the country that can also use the money.

      You want to empty your wallet, go ahead. I won't hassle you. Kindly respect my right to not do so and spend it on other, more palatable races.

      •  hey geniuses (none)
        when the dems control the house, shit like this doesnt ever come up.  so stop whining and get on the bandwagon to take back the house so we never even have to debate such a divisive, hateful piece of legislation again.  im so sick of people putting litmus tests on our own party.  News flash people:  if a dem agrees 100% with Tom Delay and manages to win a moderate-republican leaning seat, we should support him/her as best we can.  Why?  Because in the end, its a vote for Nancy Pelosi, who won't let stuff like this see the light of day.  Cry about him as much as you all want, but Dick Gephardt never would have let such a bill come up either had he been in control of the house.  

        If a majority of you give up on this race simply because of this issue and her rather weak statements on it, then thats just pathetic and i hope you guys like living in the United States of the Republican Party, because thats exactly what we'll get.

        •  Hey Idiot (3.70)
          You seem to live under the misapprehension that we all are made of $ and can just keep it flowing. In most of our cases, we have limited resources. So a dollar spent here isn't a dollar spent elsewhere.

          So if anyone chooses to allocate their limted resources to more palatable candidates this election cycle, so be it. Let others fund this one. As long as the money goes to Dem candidates, that seems to cover your objections, doesn't it? A dollar spent on Herseth is a dollar not spent on another Dem campaign.

          •  Samaritan (3.00)
            I would love to know how that's a troll rating.

            If it was the "idiot" title, I would like to note that "Hey geniuses" is saying exactly the same thing using irony. Ergo why the "Hey idiot" as a reversal.

          •  resources (none)
            There not too many races that will be competitive. This is one of the few. Even more important, it'll be a showdown. Repugs are livid about Chandler in KY. And this is SD, an even more republican state.

            Lots of money and effort will be poured here. It is very important strategically. And again, it's a seat. That we can very realistically win. They will be not too many of these.

            Sure, I wish Ms. Herseth had taken a position supporting states rights. In any case, she would probably would have to support an amendment at the state level. I don't think this was a good move from her part. And I told her so. But then, I don't know the local politics.

            There are other more progressive Dems running for the House elsewhere, with a chance of winning their races. If your lack of funds does not allow to contribute to all, and your conscience does not allow to support Herseth, then fine. But this is one of the most important ones. Plus, given that it will be an early election, it sets up the table for the GE.

            Finally, we must realize that most races where we are hoping to take a seat away from a Repug, are going to be fought in more conservative districts. Can't have a flaming liberal running there, if you want to deny the seat to the evil ones.

            Put your money where your mouth is: Give $100 to the Democratic presidential nominee (whoever that may be.)

            by aleand on Thu Feb 26, 2004 at 10:27:39 AM PST

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          •  That makes perfect sense (none)
            except that 1) by my count there are currently only (maybe) 45 competitive seats in the entire country and most if not all of them involve or will involve (gasp) moderate Dems; and 2) the South Dakota election is the only one going in June (barring a Tauzin resignation in LA-03), so that means that it will be an expensive affair and that a dollar sent to that campaign in May or June is more effective than a dollar sent to another then.  Not to mention the fact that a "winning streak" going into November would be nice.

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