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  •  No, I Understand Why (4.00)
    Bush is President because he's not afraid to use power to advance his agenda.

    Bush is President because he's willing to appear moderate to garner votes, and then act in ways that unremittingly benefit his benefactors.

    Bush is President because he is the palatable (to some) face that a cadre of plutocrats selected to front for their unpalatable interests.

    So what does that have to do with us?

    I hate the Republican agenda like poison, but I've got to say... I'm impressed that they stand up for it.   If they are taking an unpopular stance, they define and redefine the issue until they sound like the life of the republic depends on exactly what they are wanting to do.

    They are expert at framing their positions in a manner that makes it seem like anyone with any other point of view is evil or crazy... but certainly un-American.

    So, yeah... the Republicans are pretty much into unity. Maybe that's what gives them an edge. Or maybe it's that they have actually taken the time to think about how they want to present their case to the American people.

    They have to: Republicans have so many policies that clearly go against the interests of most Americans. Look at how they took an inheritance tax that benefitted only a few of their wealthiest constituents, and labeled it the "Death Tax".  Evil, but brilliant. Same with "Double Taxation" on dividends.  

    Rather than being self-defeating and backing away from their myriad unpopular positions... they create whatever language and context and rhetoric are necessary to bring people on board. And thats something the Democrats pretty much suck at.

    So, I don't think it's at all unreasonable to ask for Democrats to have a platform, and civil rights ought to be part of it.  Does that mean it is easy?  No.  Is it easy for Republicans to convince Americans to vote against their own economic interests?  It can't be. But they do it.  

    There are ways through this, even in conservative regions. Talk about the inalienable rights of individuals.  Oppose "gay marriage", but strenuously support civil unions.  Oppose the "unnecessary tampering with the Founder's Constitution".

    Democrats have been triangulating backwards... using the language of Democrats, but pursuing the ends of Republicans and calling it "moderate". Let's try the opposite. Let's pursue Democratic ends but use the language of state's rights and individual responsibility and fiscal responsibility and traditional values to do it.  Lets talk to people and show leadership.

    Just don't run away from controversy, trying to pretend to be slightly less of a Republican than the Republican you are running against.

    Because that's the point at which it is clear that we have no convictions or clarity of purpose, and are not to be trusted with either the House, the Senate or the White House.

    Smirk while you can, chimp boy!

    by Malacandra on Thu Feb 26, 2004 at 03:22:54 AM PST

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