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  •  Hate or not hate? (none)
    I agree with:

    "In places like the Dakotas, there are very large numbers of people who might be so inclined not out of fundamentalism or commitment to any hard-core reactionary ideology, but simply out of traditionalism, or true cultural "conservativism" in the old-fashioned sense of the term as opposed to the kind the real haters peddle.  These states are simply not places that are anywhere near the cutting edge of cultural progress, and most people there are skeptical toward ideologues of all sorts and toward people who seem to be pushing any kind of radical change.  Thus otherwise decent people might initially be swayed by GWB's claim that he is simply trying to defend tradition and the foundations of civilization against all of these radical activist judges and renegade local officials (with smooth smiles and fancy suits and slicked-backed hair) and in-your-face gay rights militants who are trying to overthrow it all against the will of the majority."

    However...  The fact that many Americans (probably the majority of the amendment supporters) aren't true "haters" takes nothing away from the idea that Bush has floated this proposal in an effort to use the politics of division for personal gain.  I esteem that to be cynically hateful.  In that sense, this is a "Hate amendment".

    Funny thing - I called my local conservative talk radio host this morning.  I asked him, "What is your opinion about the Hate Amendment Bush has decided to push?"  The guy went apoplectic at the term "Hate Amendment".  My point?  I think it's our turn to start using the vernacular to our advantage.  Republicans have their "Death Tax" - we have the "Hate Amendment".  Why don't we shape the debate this time?

    •  How about giving her talking points? (3.50)
      I like your call for people not to morally screed against her, but how about this.  Tell her,

      I was going to send you money but let me send you advice first.  Here's how you get yourself out of this pickle
      [insert clever talking points on the FMA issue that work with SD voters].  
      I'll check back in a couple weeks and send my contribution then.  Keep fighting and good luck.

      •  talking points (none)
        This is pretty much along the lines of what I was thinking.  My opinion is that the tone should be polite, respectful, in a spirit of dialogue, etc., while at the same time the gist of it, which you just highlighted, should be clear.

        a vote for Kerry = a vote against Bush

        by human on Thu Feb 26, 2004 at 02:36:54 PM PST

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