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  •  back burner? litmus test? bullshit. (3.50)
    "I think we can afford to back burner the issue of gay marriage specifically, if we can get more democrats into office." i disagree. it's all well and good for those of us who are straight to say "we can afford to back-burner the issue" - we already have these rights. if democrats come out strong on this issue; if they answer the misconceptions; if they show this is a fight for civil rights - then they will win. all they need to do is explain that civil marriage is not equal to religious marriage. there are oodles of straight couples who can get a civil marriage, but can't get a religious marriage (divorced catholics, interfaith couples, etc). there are oodles of gay couples who are already have a religious marriage. for most straight people, gay sex is unappealing. but then if anyone really thinks about it, watching two other people having sex no matter what their gender is unappealing. gay marriage does not equal public gay sex. in fact, as a fair number of comedians will point out, gay marriage is one of the best ways to reduce any sex - ask any straight married couple! show the pictures of gay couples in sf. have them come on talk shows and morning programs. tell people the 1,000+ rights AND responsibilities that marriage entails. back in the early years of clinton's presidency, i was annoyed at gays pressing the issue of gays in the military. but i was wrong. every day that civil rights are denied to gays and lesbians is a day that millions of my fellow citizens are denied rights that i've taken for granted my entire life. not addressing that issue is just plain wrong.

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