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  •  I wonder (none)
    I don't think gay activists/advocates or Democratic politicians have done a good job helping people to change their attitudes.  IMO, they just don't frame a sharp enough message.

    My brother is a dairy farmer in upstate NY and one of his feed salesmen, expecting Mike  to be anti-gay marriage, says, by way of starting conversation, "What do you think of this gay marriage business?  The founding fathers would be turning over in their graves!" And Mike says back to him, "Oh yeah, we should worry about what the founding fathers would think, the guys who were raping 13 year old girl slaves."  And then goes on to say that most of the problems in this country are caused by men who WON'T make a commitment to family.  

    Frankly, I sure wish I heard that kind of straight talk from the talking heads instead of "blah blah blah fairness blah blah blah."  

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