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  •  Common sense? There ain't none. (none)
      We couldn't control the territory in Vietnam anymore than in Iraq. That inability was the key to the losses in both places - if we were indeed seeking to subdue the inhabitants and control the political structure, which seems to me we were in both places.

      If we were just after the oil in Iraq, we should have surrounded the oil fields, refineries and the pipelines and ignored everything else. Theft of resource, yes, but one of the 'normal' reasons for warring. And the difference between trying to control an area the size of Montana as opposed to a couple pieces the size of Delaware or smaller.

      However, these Bushco guys didn't learn anything from history and clung to their delusions, ignoring those who saw clearly what needed to be done (like the Army War College and State Dept. for two of many). This, to me, is one of the sure signs of mental illness at the top.

      If and when Saddam fell, there was going to be a bloodbath if no one immediately claimed the reins of power in an effective manner. Similar bloodbaths occured in SE Asia, too. Totally forseeable if you have eyes to look and not be blinded by your own obsessions. Again, a sign of mental illness.

      Historically, Iraq has had at least three distinct regional areas: the coastal marsh area in the river delta; the midlands in and around the Tigress and Euphrates confluence; and the mountainous areas to the north and northwest. These have fought intermittantly for the last 6,000 years, if not longer, with shorter periods of control by strong kings able to hold it together. In 3200 BC an invasion from the north brought integration and the key element to modern civilization: irrigation technology. From then on, large scale farming flourished, writinga nd laws were established (Hammarabi) and spread throughout the known world, inadvertantly creating this aberration we call civilization.

      What a present! What a blowback!

      These 'elections' just tried to cobble together a "country" which had no unifying human theme except to get rid of our presence on Muslim soil, which is the basis of the central claim against us by OBL.

      Civil war, the all time mother of all misnomers, will happen next. There is no doubt in my mind. If the Iraqis weren't blinded by their religious and sectarian objectives, they could solve this with creating three different states or nation-states with the oil producing areas shared by each, with a population proportion equation for the proceeds, and protected against outsiders by joint forces, if only those on their respective bordering areas, and making Baghdad an open, international city for the interplay with the world.

      Of course, that would be soooo reasonable that no one will probably consider it.

      On the other hand, the Bath Party is integrative. Hell, even beer has bubbles and thus I can even find common cause. Of course, the ancient Iraqis made beer, too, and used it as a means of exchange. Brilliant.  


    Energy and information are the primary elements of the universe.

    by walkshills on Sun Dec 25, 2005 at 12:03:19 PM PST

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