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View Diary: Sunnis: "We went to a wedding, and it turned into a funeral" (91 comments)

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  •  We may not like it but (none)
    why is anyone surprised that the Shia who form 60% of the population have won the election? That is how democracy works. The majority govern.
    Why is anyone surpirised that the Shia do not want to share power with the Sunnis when they were oppressed by them for years? Why is anyone surprised that leading Baathists are being disqualified? They were involoved in the oppression of the majority.
    Democracy is messy, and outsiders and minority insiders do always get what they want.
    The bigger questions we should ask relates to installing our style democracies upon countries that have no democratic traditions or institutions. It amy be that instead of arrogantly running around the world trying to build nations in our own (very flawed) image, we should leave them to develop politically in their own way.
    We may be better off examining our own failed democracy, constitution and political institutions. It is easier to correct yourself than try to right others. Indeed it is impossible to do the latter if the former is fatally flawed.

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