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View Diary: Republican Uncles Say the Darndest Things (46 comments)

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  •  My father.... (none)
       has always been a rabid repug scince almost his birth. However, ever scince he's had his stroke things have changed. Don't get me wrong, he's still a republican, now even more than ever, but now, there aren't anymore arguments. Shame of it all is years ago it was I who shouted the man down with my cries against things like starf wars or Iran/contra. Now, I have to fight to listen to his arguments, I have to cue him for the thing I now is coming next. Time was, my father was the smartest man in the room, now he's just a shadow of the man he once was.
       I suppose if there's any point to what I'm saying here, maybe it is to elevate the debate. Yeah, they're wrong-headed, ok they've got a screw loose, but these days it just seems to me as if this environment just leads to harder feeling and more bitter arguments, not well thought out debate leading to logical conclusions. If anything my family's lesson is a lesson in manners. I just want my father back Iran/contra and all, not just the man who qoutes Fox news talking points because he want's to be true to what he once was.
       If I am going to have an argument with republicans in my family (and there are many), than I would rather have it under the terms of a sensible debate, rather than an opportinity for adhominem attacks.

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