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  •  Well, it should be on you (none)
    if you are being auctioned.  The only issue would be would I need Tums before or after the meal (I'm kidding).

    I'm beginning to wonder if they are dragging out the "war" so they can keep trying to cover themselves with their completely invented doctrine of the unrestricted power of the Commander in Chief.  You know if we ever leave Iraq or Afghanistan, they don't get to play this game anymore.  I believe that in late 2001 or early 2002, the cloak of vast and unlimited powers given by the President's alleged power as a Commander in Chief looked all shiny and new to them, and sellable. Not in a Court, of course, but anywhere but a court. However, four years later, it is bullet-ridden and falling apart each time it is scrutinized by a Court.

    They knew when they started this it wasn't legal -  they dressed the turkey up to look like it had actually had a process to it.  "We told Congress, the AG said it was ok: the White House Counsel said it was ok, and the President has to sign it again every 45 days".  Only one problem.  NO COURT said it was okay. The rest is merely sham.

    It is amazing to me that in nearly five years, people have been "extraordinaly renditioned", never to be heard from or seen again.  People are held without charge for years, with no access to counsel. People have been tortured, even though any expert on interrogation will tell you how useless it is.  And now, they are listening to our phone coversations, even though they have the ultimate "star chamber" the FISA Court.  To get approval, they merely have to stop by and ask, since a mere handful of applications have ever been denied. But they wouldn't even do that.  Absolute power does corrupt.

    It's funny - my sister and I were talking a few months ago, and the conversation turned to the use of torture.  My sister said to me that it isn't that bad because look at the people they are torturing - terrorists. I said "We don't do that.  We are the United States of America. It is fundamentally wrong for us to engage in torture."

    But I fear that a lot of people thought that way.  However, I find that people really don't like the idea that the government can arbitrarily listen to their conversations and search their houses without a warrant. That issue may be getting some traction.

    Actually, Armando, I am a fan of Legal Realism, opposed to Formalism (probably because I was taught by that school).  I do tend to look for the result that advances my client's interests.  I think judges - good, honest, decent judges- decide on a fair and just result and then look for the way to say it so they don't get reversed (and I know immediately if I am in front of one of the vast majority of honest judges, and a man or woman who's wearing a robe, but has no decency, no soul). To me, that's why I'm in law, not medicine.

    But these idiots aren't legal realists.  They are thieves and scoundrels.  I sitll believe the grand ship that is our country will right herself, but I am horrified by the fact that she is tipping so far to the right.

    We do not rent rooms to Republicans.

    by Mary Julia on Mon Dec 26, 2005 at 10:10:01 PM PST

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