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View Diary: Bill Richardson-Colin Powell-Joe Biden Target of NSA Spying (203 comments)

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  •  Ends justifies the means (4.00)
    This is a Nazi administration.  By that I mean not that it is dedicated to the extermination of a particular ethnic or religious group, but that it has no respect for law other than  the law of the jungle.  It is an administration whose premise is to possess power in perpetuity, by any means at hand.

    Because it seems so unlikely, the American elite (not to mention the American people) have for a long time been in denial about the fascist perversion of our politics.  By and large the German people were in similar denial through the early 1930s.  And in Germany, just as here, there existed a structure of law and bureaucratic procedure that at first impeded the totalitarian thrust.  It took eight to nine years and total war for their government and judicial system to collapse into an expression of the will of the 'leader'.

    Fortunately, our political traditions and highly decentralized system of government provide defense in depth against totalitarianism of the kind experienced by the Germans.  But we are not immune to the impulse.  Bolton, Rove, Cheney, Libby and Feith are cut from the same cloth as Goebbels and Bormann.  Bush is unclassifiable. He has the emotional maturity, but not the intelligence and culture (limited as that was) of Hitler.  

    It is hard to recognizer something this awful in one's domestic politics.  We are looking at the real thing, not a simulacre of it.  One of the most pressing tasks we have in the coming years is to construct a narrative of how a small group of people unrestrained by any sense of legal procedure seized control of our government, and exploited its great authority to manipulate the American people into accepting a quasi-fascist regime.

    This means, among other things, getting the election stories straight.

    •  Don't forget that Hitler and Fascism were... (none)
      ..popular in America in the mid 30's as well among the elite. We were just fortunate enough to have a strong leader back then who knew how much bullshit it was and wasn't a afraid to fight the right wing bastards at every turn.

      Now we have just the opposite in power, we have someone connected to the same people who have always thought highly of Fascism now running the country. Unlike the last time they tried to take over our Democracy, they have learned to do it by stealth, in a manner similar to Hitler's, in dismantling it piece by piece and using fear to get people to surrender their hard won power.

      The people running our country now are the Anti-Demoracy forces we've always worried about.

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