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View Diary: Bill Richardson-Colin Powell-Joe Biden Target of NSA Spying (203 comments)

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  •  Excellent work, if ... (4.00)
     ... it is verified.  From my vantage, it sounds, looks, and feels true.  It's plausibility is beyond doubt.

    One quick thought which I'd like to add to the mix:  communications intercepts are used two ways:  to know what those who stand in your path are planning, and to lie about what you have learned.  Bush's current public stance -- we know the truth but we can't tell you because of security concerns -- is exactly the same thing they have been using in private and at all levels of government.  How many, in and out of government, from truck drivers to cabinet members, have been told some version of:  " ... Actually, we have some super topnotch un-effing-believable spy stuff, and we can tell you just this and no more, and you have to sign this form in blood to never mention anything we are about to tell you (and, by the way, hope you enjoyed yourself Wednesday afternoon at your weekly "massage" (wink))".  And that little something, so omnisciently delivered, could very well be just another of their unending, sophisticated, lies.

    As I said, this rings true.  I believe it explains much of how they have taken over the United States Government.  What remains to be discovered is how Bush and his loyalists themselves communicated.  There have been clues that they have a completely private communications network (just a hunch, I haven't logged the clues).  Is this "discoverable"?  At what point do we, the American People who authorize and pay for this, get to turn the NSA lens on Bush and his loyalists?  It is time for a long overdue national airing of the White House.

    ... in America THE LAW IS KING. Thomas Paine

    by Yellow Canary on Tue Dec 27, 2005 at 06:31:17 AM PST

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