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View Diary: Bill Richardson-Colin Powell-Joe Biden Target of NSA Spying (203 comments)

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  •  And yet... (none)
    Wayne Madsen reported the NSA spying scandal back in April.  Look where we are today.  If his additional claims turn out to be correct, how much of a crank is he on this issue?

    If he exists to provide a forum for whistleblowers, he's going to get a lot of misinformation.  He can't be relied upon without additional sources, but the fact remains that he reported this story months ago.

    I'm guessing this NSA whistleblower took their story to the NY Times, and when they chose to sit on it, they went to Madsen perhaps as a last resort.

    Read my lips: we do not torture.

    by captnjaq on Tue Dec 27, 2005 at 09:37:35 AM PST

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