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View Diary: HUGE: Illegal wiretaps may threaten terror cases!! (148 comments)

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  •  My brother lives there already.. (none)
    In Iraq I the Green a trailer.  

    You might find this odd, but I have been screaming and shaking the hell out of everyone I know for quite some time.  It isn't enough.

    •  I don't find it odd... (none)
      people who know really know and they try to tell stupid willfully ignorant people about the truth and the stupid willfully ignorant people put their head in the sand.

      My best karmic hopes and dreams go to your brother.  I hope he returns safely to a country that the idiots he is working for have had the wisdom to preserve for his benefit.  You know I often think that if people really want to support our troops, they should really consider fighting here at home for the things that the troops are told they are fighting for in Iraq.  It won't cost us our lives to fight for those same democratic principles.  At this point, we only have a political battle at hand.

      Best wishes to you and your family for the New Year.

    •  Our son has been living in a trailer (none)
      at Camp liberty since August. He's a medic assigned to a light infantry unit (10th Mountain) Recently, he told us that his company has been moved temporarily to Abu Ghraib. He's living in an old cell, which he says is larger than what he had in the trailer.

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