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View Diary: HUGE: Illegal wiretaps may threaten terror cases!! (148 comments)

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  •  I fear this is a disaster (none)
    every which way.

    Security-wise, this threatens our terror cases.

    Publicity-wise, this will be the push disenchanted Average Joes need to support their prez again.  From their perspective, it won't be that Bush fucked this up.  It'll be that the libruls fucked this up by printing the stories and making such noise about the practice.

    Sorry, I'm feeling cynical tonight.  I just think that on cop/courtroom shows on TV, for instance, the viewers end up far too often railing against whatever legal technicality is jeopardizing McCoy's case of the week on L&O.  The cops on those shows always complain bitterly when caught out on such things, refuse to take responsibility, and I can't help but feel that viewers sympathize entirely with them.  Perhaps that's how the majority of real-life cops react, perhaps not - I don't know any enough to make such a judgment - but I do wish on these shows they'd portray a real law-and-order cop who never crosses the line and who gets results anyway.  Instead we get The Shield, where repeatedly it is Vic Mackey who gets the results - now I do enjoy watching that show, but I never for a minute am under any illusions that Vic is a hero, but I worry that I'm probably in the minority of The Shield's audience there.

    Oh, and virtually never are the cops on TV shown trampling all over someone's civil rights and then turning out to be wrong about said suspect's guilt.

    This may seem off-topic, but I really do believe that TV has had a major impact in the minds of average viewers where the whole liberty vs. safety debate is concerned.

    •  you might be right - scary (none)
    •  L&O (none)
      That's one of the reasons I don't watch anymore.  

      Now Boston Legal is another kettle of fish entirely.  They use the William Shatner character to spout the RW Party line and then the James Spader character to punch holes and hold the party line up to ridicule.  I'm amazed that they continue to get away with it.  It's really quite skillfully done.

      The chips are down. Find your outrage.

      by sj on Tue Dec 27, 2005 at 10:17:28 PM PST

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      •  Exactly. (none)
        My right-leaning spouse hates to miss a single show, too -- go figure, since my spouse is also rabidly anti-lawyer, too.

        I can't watch it with him, busts my gut too much to see 'winger philosophy chopped up like that, hate to have my spouse get the impression I'm laughing at him.


    •  I've seen that a few times (none)
      The 'turning out to be wrong about the suspect's guilt' part.

      It happens all the time on Cold Case. It occasionally happens on LO too.

      Watched one show on TLC the other day about chimeras - people who have multiple DNA profiles. Very interesting.

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