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  •  Yes I know that there are lots of deer and (none)
    I understand how poor the people in the area are.  They are poorer also for having only Wal-Mart or deer meat to feed them in the area.  I made the point at the end of the comment that I understand that getting bullets for xmas may be a very valued present.  It was just the juxtaposition of the Christmas iconology with the camoflage bullet boxes that struck me.  All done in the "Wal-Mart" way that always somehow manages to stun me.

    FYI the jerk who owns the property adjoining my farm land decided that he was going to build a deer stand on my property without permission.  He is neither poor nor is he desperate for something to eat. This town is my ancestral home.  My family established the county.  My cousin sold the land to Wal-Mart where the store is after we turned their offer down because we don't like what Wal-Mart does to small towns.  The store is right next door to one piece of our land and across from my family graveyard where the earliest settlers along with most of my other relatives have been buried for 200 years.  I know a little bit about the culture of the town and unfortunately I also know a little bit about the culture of Wal-Mart.  The latter not the former is what I take issue with.

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