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View Diary: The FISA Information You Should Know to Fight Back (25 comments)

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  •  Did you happen to come across the discussion (none)
    about the Chief Justice sharing responsibilities with the other justices?  I can't remember who it was with.  I could have been Specter.  The thing that is good about Specter is that he has been around Capitol hill long enough to know that it is not in his best interest to yield any more control to the executive branch than they already have.  That was another good discussion in which Specter really was empassioned about the role of the court and assuring that it didn't simply defer to the executive branch - meaning that SCOTUS would be expecte to remain an independent body.  Of course, in my opinion anyone who really believed that shouldn't have voted to confirm Roberts, but hopefully I was just being paraniod.  Hopefully, Roberts isn't what I think he is.  We have decades to find out now though.

    Excellent diary.  

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