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  •  Naive Democratic (none)
    It looks to me most democrats have also bought into the MSM faith that Dems lack national security credentials. They try to make up for this by dreaming up a vet candidate. Two exhibits of this phenomenon - Gen Clark & Kerry.

    No amount of reality can persuade them that it does not matter ...

    People who beleive dems lack national security credentials will only support Foriegn Policy Hawks ... not just any veteran. Infact they don't care about vets ... just about hawkish candidates, whether vets or not. Thats why Murtha or McCain's words carry a lot more weight than Kerry's.

    I'm sure there will be so many negatives said about Gen Clark's role in the military, for eg., that it would be a liability rather than an asset.

    And I don't want a Hawkish (Vet or not) as a democrat candidate - they simply do not represent the average Democrat.

    Emperor Bush has no brains.

    by nataraj on Wed Dec 28, 2005 at 11:09:40 AM PST

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