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  •  And yet some substance, too (none)
    Sometimes, even people who aren't Americans are violent and make bad choices and such persons need to have obstacles placed between themselves and whatever it is they really cannot abide remaining hale and whole.

    There's a short stanza from Stephen R. Donaldson's The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant called the Oath of Peace, which captures both the desire to minimize harm and the paradoxical necessity of inflicting it in order to minimize harm.

    Let's see if I can find it...ah, yes! Here we go:

    Do not hurt where holding is enough,
    Do not wound where hurting is enough,
    Do not maim where wounding is enough,
    Do not kill where maiming is enough,
    The greatest warrior is the warrior who does not have to kill."

    Oh, those creative people. Resolving paradoxes the way they do.

    You can't contain CSKendrick, you can only hope to stop him. :)

    by cskendrick on Wed Dec 28, 2005 at 05:44:38 PM PST

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