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    Didn't the defense bill with McCain's anti-torture amendment also provide that evidence produced by torture could be used against enemy combatants?

    Then there was that recent US conviction of a student for planning on killing Bush.  His 'confession' was obtained through torture by the Saudis and the 'statement' of his co-conspirator was also obtained through torture by the Saudis.  The co-conspirator died while in Saudi custody.  From the news reports, it sounded like the defendant had to prove that his confession and the statement were obtained through torture to be inadmissible.  The defendant introduced expert medical evidence that he had been tortured but the Saudis denied they tortured him.

    Why do the Uzbeks care what the the US or UK think of them anymore?  I read that they ordered the Americans to close their base in Uzbekistan.  It may have been part of Putin's plan to bring the former USSR republics back into Russia's orbit.  As part of his program, he has drastically increased the price of natural gas for the Ukraine while still subsidizing the price for loyal Byro-Russia (sic?).

    "Be just and good." John Adams

    by aztec on Thu Dec 29, 2005 at 10:55:29 AM PST

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