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  •  Application of the seesaw (none)
     Pressure on either side of the Atlantic leads to a leak of something damaging. That information is used on the other side to push the government farther over the edge.

     DSM leads to pressure on Bush.
     Abu Ghraib leads to pressure on Blair.
     And now we have British memos on how boiling people doesn't give good intel.

     Step up the pressure on Bush in response - ask him why he likes having people boiled for bad info.

    I tell you there is a fire. They have this day set a blazing torch to the temple of constitutional liberty and, please God, we shall have no more peace forever.

    by Anderson Republican on Thu Dec 29, 2005 at 10:56:54 AM PST

    •  That's easy (none)
      because he's "protecting America from those who would do it harm."

      The bad info thing will never come into play, and even if it does, he'll just say "even if it gives bad info sometimes, if just ONE TIME it stopped a terrorist from detonating a nuclear weapon in your town, wouldn't it be worth it?"

      Given the WSJ poll from a month ago that said 55% of Americans thought the Bush Administration had pursued the appropriate course in interrogating potential terrorists, v. something like 30% that thought it had gone too far, I'm not optomistic that as many people will care as should care.

      I'm just in it for the pizza money.

      by AnnArborBlue on Thu Dec 29, 2005 at 11:00:58 AM PST

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      •  Oh, Great. (4.00)
        We're boiling them over there so they won't boil us over here?
        Where's Hunter?

        "That story isn't worth the paper it's rotten on."--Dorothy Parker

        by martyc35 on Thu Dec 29, 2005 at 11:25:14 AM PST

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      •  Here's a poll I'd like to see. (none)
        If the Bush administration mistakenly believed that you, or your spouse, or your children, had information related to a terrorist organization, please rate how strongly you would support each of the following measures (1 indicating no support, 10 indicating very strongly support):
        1. The bush administration torturing you and/or your immediate family.
        2. The Bush administration hiding you and/or your immediate family in Guantanamo bay without any access to lawyers, hearing what you are being charged with, a court case, the right to confront your accuser, or any of those other legal niceties we now feel anyone the Bush administration decides to lock up in this manner isn't entitled to) for an indefinite period, probably lasting months or years.
        3. The bush administration sending you and/or your immediate family to the Republic of Ballclampia where, well, they're probably going to do what they're going to do.
        4. The bush administration spying on the private telephone conversations and emails of you and/or your immediate family without bothering to apply for a warrant (which could be even gotten retroactively within 72 hours and it would still be perfectly legal) or notifying you of the fact, before or afterward, and doing God knows what with the information they collect.

        The best part is, given the current, "where there's smoke there's fire" mentality most of the public seems to have thanks to out Republican demagogues, it is very likely that, just by asking these questions in frequent polls the public would start believing the Bush administration did this sort of thing.

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