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    ...on a wingnut site that sought to defend Karimov  and, by extension, Bush by attacking those of us on the Left and poo-pooing our alarmist assertions that Karimov is a tin-plated Stalin:

    "The US rebuked Uzbekistan on human rights abuses and withdrew $18 million in funding even before the slaughter in Andijan in July 2004.

    Great. $18,000,000 down, $482,000,000 to go, since we'd given them a half a billion in aid in 2003 alone, you stupid fucking wingnut.

    Why do you guys defend little Hitlers like Karimov, a guy who would sooner kill you as look at you, just because he's an ally of Bush, who's only supporting him because of the strategic air bases in Uzbekistan?

    Did you ever really read Murray's documents or just skim over what clashed with your blind GOP ideology?

    I imagine that you'll delete this in true Republican fashion so as to not entertain any serious rebuttals to your elaborate fantasy that the Bush junta is making great but humanitarian, always humanitarian, progress in the war on terror. But I just wanted you to know what a spineless, passively sadistic fuck you are just for supporting this tyrant by way of extension for your irrational support of this fascist administration."

    These people make me wanna vomit up everything I've ever eaten since 1965.

    I'm writing a lengthy blog entry about this because it's vitally important that we get the word of this out.


    Defending bad taste and liberalism since 2005.

    by jurassicpork on Fri Dec 30, 2005 at 03:24:04 PM PST

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