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  •  For all the McCoys and little boys (none)
    I sent this email out to my personal address book.  I hope those close to me listen and learn.  So many of the people I love simply can't comprehend what is happening.  I try to be the lighthouse that shows them the way to the truth but I somehow often fail to open their hearts, minds and eyes.  I'm forever grateful to them for what they have brought to my life, I'm praying through words like the diarists and the comments that follow that eyes and minds will open.  I fear sometimes we will run out of time. I'm praying that is not so.  Here is my email.

    I have come to believe there is danger in living inside a bubble.   The following link takes you to a diary written on DailyKos.  It's a story about a man who meets up with a military man who has returned from Iraq a shattered and broken man.   It's a difficult read, it veers off into an issue, abortion, that has no place in this diary but I decided to ignore my outrage against the diarist because he speaks for us all, for those who are transfixed on what is happening in this world, for those of us who can't bear to think about it, for those of us who are struggling to survive.  The commonality for us all is that we are Americans and we are destroying others lives, people who didn't ask for us to save them or liberate them or to show them what democracy and freedom are especially when we are losing ours as we speak.

    This diary is an example of what I am privileged to read everyday.  The comments that follow are another example of the discussions such posts bring forth.  Whether I believe and agree in what the diarists have to say I try to listen because I learn and because it exposes me to what is real and true in someone else's mind and heart.   I pray for the small boy and I pray for McCoy.

    This is a link to a documentary, "Torture: The Dirty Business."   Again speaking of the bubble, whether we know it or not, whether we close our eyes to it or not, whether we are too busy or not, whether we choose to ignore it or not this is what our government is doing.  With each new rendition, with each plane that takes innocents or not so innocent men to other countries, with each American like Joseph Padilla who are arrested and given no rights, it is in all of our names.  America is written on every plane.  America is stamped into the consciousness of millions and millions across this planet.   The mere mention of the word, America, used to garner praise and envy.  Now it brings up hatred, dread and fear.  Which America do you want to live in?  Which America do you salute?  Which America do you want to prevail?

    There was a time when it was said that they were musicians so I did not listen.  They were bankers so I turned my back.  They were bakers so I went on with my day.  They were teachers and I thought I had nothing new to learn.  Then they came for me and I knew, I should have listened, I should have paid attention, I should have put down my tasks, I should have opened my mind to see what was there.

    It may be true that what will come will come.  If that is the case I want to know I had my eyes open but I still sincerely believe we have a voice, a loud, clear, powerful voice and that collective voice needs to be heard.   The whisper in the wind can become a mighty storm but it can only happen if each of us decides now is the time.

    Please watch the documentary and then decide how much is enough.   You have to download off of this site.  I hope you will.

    With my love,

    Men, their rights and nothing more; women, their rights and nothing less. Susan B. Anthony

    by caliberal on Thu Dec 29, 2005 at 08:16:00 PM PST

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