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  •  fabulous work (none)
    when I was still a reporter I had to work on the Hemant Lakhani story. I didn't write the main story I was just sent to some fancy Central Park West high rise residence to stalk some of the neighbors of the son of one of the guys arrested in the case, Yehuda Abraham. By all accounts, these guys were just jewelry dealers in the diamond district. Soj, have you heard anything about the other people arrested in this case? My newspaper and all the other papers in the local area ran the headline across the front page in a huge point size. I thought the case was pretty tenuous at the time and didn't think it pointed to any immediate danger to Americans, except the danger of getting caught up in a trap set by the FBI. Bizarre.

    This is a great piece. I am going to bookmark it and file it away, and copy it into Word just in case. Very highly recommended.

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