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View Diary: The Forgotten Stories of 2005 (78 comments)

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  •  Some snarky additions (4.00)
    • The Social Security Crisis. This was the #1 concern in January, and we hardly hear about it today.
    • The Manned Mission to Mars. That's actually from the 2004 SOTU. How's that program going?
    • Karl Rove's plan for Gulf Coast reconstruction. Bush put him in charge after Katrina, sort of like he put Condi in charge of Iraq earlier.
    • What was his name? Tall guy, beard? Oh yeah -- Osama something.
    •  re: SS (none)

      Bush never said there was evidence linking Social Security and the attacks on 9/11

      All Bush ever wanted was SS to be free. You know, plant the freedom seed and watch it spread to other areas in Washington. So Americans can be secure. That's why it's called social SECURITY.

      Pay attention.

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