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  •  Renewable Gas (none)
    I actually had someone tell me that he had read an article saying that petroleum was, an all reallity, a renewable source.  He wasn't just saying that fossil fuels produce over billions of years.  No, he was saying that it was renewable like trees.  Of course, he couldn't site a source for this amazing piece of info.

    "I think war is a dangerous place." - George Bush

    by Nameless Soldier on Fri Dec 30, 2005 at 03:45:38 PM PST

    •  I've been reading about this (none)
      I think it's probably junk, but it's interesting.  Russia seems to have done some significant research on it.

      I don't have a specific link but you can find quite a few by searching for 'inorganic oil'.

      The basic concept is that oil is created by pressure on carbon deep within the earths crust and seeps upward.  Key claims are that some oil-wells are refilling (could be from nearby pools) and that oil is routinely found deeper than fossils.  (Not so sure about that.)

    •  My Wife Makes Me Leave The Room (none)
      when I've got too much.    8^)

      I'm aware there was some differing theories on how oil deposites are created, but the renewable resource one is about as valid as the greenhouse gas isn't causing global warming.

      There is also little doubt that greenhouse gases from burning oil will end up costing more later than we can afford.

      And that's the Republican thing really - I don't give a flying f&*k about what it screws up later, I want it now!

    •  Google "abiotic oil" for more info n/t (none)

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