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  •  Two issues (none)
    I think there are two issues at play here.

    One is how to talk to open-minded but ignorant (not a demeaning term) and skeptical people about GW.  The approaches outlined in this diary and some of the above replies seem to address those people very well.

    The other is how to address the willfully ignorant, the wingnuts who think all scientists are untrustworthy, all governments are too stupid to wipe their own ass, and any form of international cooperation is Evil.

    That second group is problematic, simply because there are so many such specimens around.  I think that you have to find a much more visceral way to get the point across to them.  E.g. if they ask why we should make all these expensive changes to how we do things on the chance that it might be a good idea, tell them that you'd like to play Russian roulette with them, but only if you never have you put the gun to your head, but you can bet with them on their turns at the trigger.  Then tell them that what we're doing with the entire planet is like playing Russian roulette with 5 bullet and only one empty chamber.

    Yes, it's crude and bordering on obnoxious, but I think it's the only way to break through to such people.

    •  Apocalyptic religious beliefs... (none)
      ...are a real problem with this latter group.  If you believe that the Rapture is just around the corner, what does it matter what happens in the meantime on this world?  Armageddon's just a welcome harbinger along the way.

      Beats me how to counter that kind of thinking.  Or the kind that figures money can protect them from anything.  Of some interest:  Dubya's "ranch" (= country estate) house is pretty thoroughly equipped with passive solar and other alternative energy measures.

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