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View Diary: Happy Abramoffukkah! Jack Could Implicate 20 Lawmakers, Tuesday Announcement Possible UPDATE 3 (247 comments)

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  •  We definitely can't be sure that Abramoff... (none)
    is telling the truth here.  Unless the Feds have him by the balls on every last piece of the very complicated puzzle, I don't see what stops him from exploiting the part they missed, other than perhaps watching Rove try and fail so miserably.  But still, I'd say there's a 50% chance that next week the mantra of the wankathon on FoxNews and across the wingutosphere will be something to the effect of "It was all Byron Dorgan and Harry Reid's idea."  
    •  Re: (4.00)
      Unless the Feds have him by the balls on every last piece of the very complicated puzzle,

      They have about a half dozen cooperating witnesses set to testify against Abramoff. I'd say they have him by the balls, alright. If Abramoff screws around and gives the prosecutors bullshit info, and prosecutors know it is (either from the other witnesses or from their investigation), then Abramoff's deal won't be very favorable. It is incentivized based on how much he truthfully tells of his crimes, those who helped him and the officials he influenced with favors.

      'You can't begin to imagine how effective the Big Lie is.' N. Mailer 'TNatD'

      by jorndorff on Fri Dec 30, 2005 at 04:28:43 PM PST

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      •  minimal contributions only (none)
        Certainly, Abramoff cannot lie outright or mislead the court, for all the reasons you state.  However, he is not pleading out because he feels guilty, or because his ideology has changed.  He is talking to minimize his jail sentence.  Therefore, he has no strong motive to give up anything more than the bare minimum information on his political allies.

        Of course, he does have the motive of revenge on the people who were more than willing to cut him loose.  I personally hope he's eager to get back at every last one.  However, I have no idea how strong his feeling is on that score, and there's no evidence he'll say anything more than he absolutely has to.

      •  I'm going to apply... (none)
        for a job at the Washington Times.

        I wish we could just simulate through to the election in November like in a video game.  All this gives me the weirdest, grossest feeling.  It is no doubt unhealthy to go long periods of time feeling both mouth-foaming outraged and boredom to the point of brain melting with the entire apparatus of our political structure.  A house divided, and all that.  

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